Europe, It’s Been a Month.

I am currently positioned in the middle seat of a full airplane on its way to Washington, trying desperately not to jam an elbow into the ribs of my seat-mates as I transcribe this… so here’s to three hour flights (aka unadulterated writing time), too small public transport seats, and bladders the size of peanuts…

Nuremberg, Germany

During a break between Cambridge modules I finally got to travel to the city I’ve heard about my whole life: Nuremberg, Germany.

London, England

I recently have been given the chance to explore London, here is a snapshot of my time there.


Random thoughts that I am trying to make sense of this week – Light in the darkness, self-consciousness, and a hunger for the world

Midtown New York

At the beginning of my Spring semester I accepted a job as a contributor to the campus yearbook, The Chinook. I was honored when our Editor asked me to be a representative at the College Media Association conference in NYC. I would spend four days in the Big City with other team members who work…