London, England

Remember a few months ago when I visited New York and basically thought it was the greatest place on the entire planet?

New York was a special place for me because it was messy and full to the brim of people. I love the idea of a city bustling with thousands of faces – of stories – from every corner of the world; and that’s exactly what London is: a city with millions of people everywhere.

One night, I stood at the corner of what had to have been an eight-way intersection and laughed like a madman because I was in extrovert’s paradise.

I think that I have been dreaming of London since the earliest age, probably because my cousins and I used to practice our English accents for days on end, or more likely, because of my love for royalty. London has always presented to me a picture of elegance, or at the very least romance (Um, hello Oliver James, how many times did I stare longingly at him growing up?) – cue the too-handsome acoustic guitar player in the middle of the park or paddling down a river; a picture, which once arrived in the city was simultaneously dashed to pieces and reinforced with a vengeance.

Each step I took through the city I was acutely aware of my life’s sudden lack of resemblance to Amanda Bynes during her career-cementig-role as Daphne.

But while there may not have been a handsome and gentlemanly (while simultaneously edgy and tormented) man waiting for me around every corner serenading me with his sultry voice, the city of London is romantic enough on its own – once you push past the constantly clammy stream of bodies rubbing against you and the grit of the city – although, to be honest, I see the romance there too.

Here are a few things that I adore about London:

The Tube, because what’s not to love about overly crowded public transport? There is nothing quite like it on the west coast, and it reminded me so much of the New York train system, which, as previously established, I adore. Everything is ultimately so easy to get to, once the underground is taken into account there is a world of possibilities that seem to spring up.

The diversity in the city. Recently I sat down for a chat with one of our program providers to discuss my adjustment to life in the U.K. and one of the standout moments was our discussion of what makes a true “British person.” I think because media has defined the quintessential Brit for us already. Londoners themselves are practically a league of their own – people from everywhere who have collectively decided to pour into an overpopulated small space and established a people of their own – a beautiful mix of every culture and population.

History. Being in a city so rooted in the global history is astounding, not to mention, the architecture alone is quite stunning. Its a collision of past and present in the most striking way. Since its my first time in the U.K., and on a grander scale, in Europe, I had to do all the stereotypical landmark things – its obligatory – and it was all remarkable.

Stops I made along the way:

  • The National Galleries
  • Westminster Abbey
  • A cruise down the Thames to gaze upon its shores
  • London Tower
  • King’s Cross
  • Buckingham Palace

And so many other things that I can’t place now but most-likely stumbled upon while wandering the streets. London certainly did not disappoint. It’s right up there with New York in my book, how on earth will my heart ever choose?

Enjoy these snapshots of London, you can click on individual images to enlarge them.

Until next time, wonder on! Cheers Mates!

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