January Diary

There are some weeks when sitting down to write out my thoughts for the whole world to see is the most appalling idea. I’ve been feeling that way for months. When the stressors of life pile up, its always this blog that seems to be the first thing to take the hit – which is unfortunate since its the best way that I seem to process through things.

January has been an interesting month for me. Each moment of it felt intertwined with some form of a lesson. God has been present this month, even when my faith hasn’t; and its both extremely frustrating and relieving. He has revealed a lot this month, and without getting too deep into it, it’s been a month of what feels like perpetual digging where He is bent on dragging out all of the poison in my heart, and its a painful process. Most of my time this past month was spent reflecting rather than adventuring, so I think this post might be a bit short. Regardless, here goes…

January Journal

I guess it makes sense to begin at the beginning of the month with New Years. I’ve decided that I don’t believe in resolutions. This really began to occur to me when I attended a sermon at my church back in Spokane in which my pastor spoke on the topic of new year’s resolutions and graciously explained that according to the Bible the life of the Christian is really just one big process of refining and sanctification, and while the world encourages resolutions that we will forget in a week, the Lord encourages us to be in constant pursuit of him and through that be transformed in Him.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasingand perfect will.

-Romans 12:2 (NIV)

I challenge us to be a people that does not thrive in month-long resolutions thought of at the start of the year, but rather a people that thrives in the grace of continual sanctification.

The first days of January were spent with my family, mentally preparing for the horror of returning to Pullman after a hellish semester. It snowed an awful lot this year, especially over here on the Eastern side of the state – a fact to which my parental units were acutely aware and overly excited about. IMG_8792

Their response to the snow was probably riddled with more excitement than a baby who tries chocolate for the first time. I snapped some pictures of their tomfoolery and posted them up on Wonderlust early in the month.

My brother and I spent some time in the city chasing down the perfect winter shot in the snow, but eventually resigned to sipping coffee at one of the hipster shops up the road to avoid the mass amounts of cold and snow.

I came back to school a couple days before the semester began to unwind and relax enough to handle the impending semester. Syllabus week was relatively painless and it gave me a chance to catch up with all my fellow Pullman-ites after the break. My classes this semester are higher level courses aimed more directly at my majors, and it has been refreshing to study the things that I am really passionate about.

I’ve had a bit of a mid-college crisis and reconsidered my choice of major, which is an ongoing battle that I believe will continue to rage throughout the entirety of my collegiate career – regardless I’m halfway there, I’ve got to keep plugging on!

The last weekend of the month I spent back in Spokane with my family to celebrate my little brother’s sixteenth birthday. It was a glorious affair.

The two of us media nerds got to teach a Boy Scout Merit class on Movie-making and then spend the day exploring downtown. We went out for lunch at Chipotle (a rare treat) and watched Caged No More in theaters to celebrate his last day of being fifteen. Most of it was all a distraction, because the real party began at night.

A month ago my Mom started planning a surprise birthday party for my brother at the local roller skating rink. He was ambushed by his friends and family and we spent the evening on treacherous skates attempting to stay upright. As evidenced by my brother and I, our family is not exactly the most coordinated, and the feat of not breaking any body parts in an event so perfectly designed for doom was a triumph!

We finished out the weekend, on his actual birthday, with a family brunch. Here’s a video of the events:

It’s all rather exciting.

January Favorites

Rimmel London Kate #8

In step with the usual we must begin with lipstick. Like I said last month: I’m a big fan of anything in the “Kate” line of lipsticks. She has created such a beautiful series of Matte  colors that seem to suit every possible look. It’s basically the perfect lipstick AND its cheap! You can buy it at your local drugstore and it’s just as good, if not better than some of the more expensive brands that I own. If you don’t own at least one “Kate” lipstick, who even are you?

Matt Corby

This one might actually be detrimental to my heart because of the massive, fatty crush that I have developed for Matt Corby. This is what I imagine Heaven to sound like: a combination of Amber Run acapella (featured in last month’s favorites) and the sound of Matt Corby, which can only be described as the product of God’s love for humanity and the birth of an angel. I mean, just listen to it. I dare you to listen to his music and tell me its not the best thing that has ever graced your ears. Matt has a gospel growl in his music that is rivaled by none, its so unique that it might burst your eardrums with goodness.

I’ve been in love with Matt Corby for a while, but this past month my affections for him has come back full force. He’s just to magical. Maybe it’s the hair.

You’re welcome in advance.

Kate McKinnon

On the note of  celebrity crushes, allow me just a second to dwell on Kate McKinnon – arguable one of the funniest women on the entire planet.

Just watch this and try to hold in the pee induced by the massive bought of laughter that you are sure to experience.

Navigator’s Bible Study Plan

Like the rest of the population I have often fallen prey to the idea of reading the whole Bible in a year only to be stopped by a couple missed days, a broken spirit, a confused mind, and a lack of discipline. This year I am testing out a new tactic. My small group leader posted a link to the Bible Study plan that he uses and I checked it out and have been sticking to it.

It’s great because it gives you four different readings each day – one OT passage, two NT passages, and a Psalm or Proverb – which helps to hold attention. It is based on a 25 day system so that if you miss a day you don’t have to feel guilty and behind, and if you have left-over days at the end of the month you can revisit important passages that really resonated with you.

I really love it and it has been a huge step for me in getting back on track and genuinely pursing the Lord first. I try to do it in the mornings before I start classes or at night before I go to bed, and it has revolutionized the way that I spend time with the Lord.

Click here to check it out for yourself!


If you know me then you probably know that the sky is often where I feel the most pursued by the Lord – there is nothing in the world that rivals the breathtaking sight of a night sky full of stars or a morning sunrise or a vibrant sunset.

I have been so incredibly homesick for Arizona skies this past month (in addition to being homesick in general). The Arizona sky is unlike anything else in the word. I’ve been privileged to have travelled to many different places and seen many different things, but there is nothing in the world that takes my breath away quite like the sight of the Arizona sky. I’ve been praying a lot for comfort this past month – in missing Arizona, and for the past couple days there have been some pretty beautiful sunsets in Eastern Washington. If only for a second the clouds have parted to let the light in. It’s like a big, cosmic hug.


That’s all for this month! Until next time, Wonder On!

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