Musical Adventures in the Snow

Almost a year ago my younger brother began saving his money in hopes of buying the many mechanical parts needed to built his own computer. As the money started burning in his pocket, he took a spill off of his long board, tore his ACL and was in bed for weeks recovering.

When the time came to invest the funds he has so careful saved, his attention was redirected to the musical world and somehow he ended up with a banjo in hand rather than his coveted homemade computer.


With his investment has come many hours of loud practices, and outdoor jam sessions.

And I kind of think that its the coolest thing ever. I mean, who actually plays the banjo these days? Besides my uncle who taught him… IMG_8590IMG_8580

I asked Eli if I could take some pictures of him with his instrument because the recent influx of snow has made for quite the picturesque backdrop. He obliged on the grounds that I would be his subject in a music video that he is making (soon to debut here).

So just try to contain yourself as you gaze upon the epicness. IMG_8445IMG_8497IMG_8467IMG_8504IMG_8572IMG_8463IMG_8527IMG_8526

Bonus, here’s a video of our adventure:

Until next time, wonder on.

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