Palouse Falls

IMG_8085My friend Grace and I have been talking about sunrise hikes for a while now. A couple weeks ago we discovered that we both are enamored  of sunrises, sunsets, and anything involving the sky in general. For me, it is where I often see God the greatest –  in the vastness of an open  sky which he so meticulously paints for me day after day. When I am feeling most lost, it is those moments, beneath the sea of clouds or stars that I find myself saturating in His presence.
 We left Pullman at 5:30 a.m. and headed out on a two hour road trip to one of the Palouse’s greatest beauties: Palouse Falls. We were chasing the sunrise – desperate for a glimpse at the moment the sun broke through the clouds into a show of lights and glory. Instead we were met with ever changing shades of gray.

IMG_8092 IMG_8033IMG_8095

IMG_8058IMG_8008IMG_8036 IMG_8033 IMG_8025 IMG_8022 IMG_8000 IMG_8005 IMG_8008

Praise Jesus for early mornings, even when they’re hard.

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