Dear Future Self

Dear future me,

I’ve been thinking about the woman who I hope that you will be…

I hope that you never stop craving adventure. I hope that every moment  you spend dreaming of the things that you will do and the risks that you will take never cease to bring a smile to your face. I hope that your camera never slips off your neck and you constantly thirst for the adventures that the world has to offer to you.

I hope that you travel. I hope that you realize that the whole world is yours for the taking, and I hope you realize that you’re allowed to take it. I hope that you go everywhere and do everything and make a habit of saying yes instead of no (within reason – remember that!).

I hope that you never lose sight of your first love. I pray that as the years continue you grow more each day into the woman that He has created you to be. I hope that prayer never ceases to flow from your lips and  that the hope you have in Him never escapes you.

I pray that you are a woman who is so unapologetically herself that she shakes the very foundations of the world. I hope that you know that you are not too much and you are more than enough. I pray that you embrace the quirks that God created you with and use them to love those around you best.

I hope that you never stop caring. I pray that you never let the pain of caring too much stop you from caring at all.

I pray that you begin to believe it when you are told that you are beautiful. I hope you learn to free yourself from shame and believe the kind words that others gift to you. I pray that your heart  overflows into your smile and you learn to love the laugh lines around your eyes.I pray that you learn to love your little nose, and wide hips and crooked smile. I pray that you know how deeply and breathtakingly beautiful you truly are.

I hope that you recognize the respect that you deserve and you make a habit of never settling for anything less.

I hope that you never doubt your passion. I pray that it leads you to love often and love well.

Dear future self, I hope you recognize how lovely you really are. j-mid

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  1. I just want you to know that you are an amazing friend, an amazing woman, and an amazing roll model. You might not know it until now, but I honestly look up to you. You have the attitude that I wish I had, yet we are similar in so many ways, from music, to emotion. I can’t image where I would be if I had not committed to Summer Advantage and randomly walked around Northside that day. I can tell that you and I will be friends for life, even from the first couple days we bonded. Your energy, smile, embrace and love that flows is infectious. I love it, and can honestly say you are one of my closest friends I have ever had. Thank you, and don’t change, don’t let people’s opinions effect you. Be you, stay you, but grow. Grow into who you want to be. Trials and errors happen, but if you are happy in the end, it’s all worth it. It all will work itself out, and everything that happens, whatever you do, is for a purpose, even if it’s eyes closed. But most of all, hold your family and friends close, keep music by your side. That is what helps, no matter what. Stand in front of the mirror with your earbuds in and sing if you have to. Let it all go at that time. But most of all, enjoy life. We are here for you, He is here for you, you are what matters.

    xoxo, Houston


    1. AJ Freibott says:

      Houston, these words mean so much to me. I treasure you so deeply & am so glad to call you friend. I appreciate your support, more than I can express.


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