Botts Take Seattle: Days Four & Five

So, some bad news… my computer has been wigging out lately, and I’m afraid that it has come down with a virus. Which sucks, because it’s brand new for college ¬†– needless to say, I’ve gotta take it in to get checked out; but because it has been freaking out and malfunctioning I’ve decided to put days four and five (the last days of our vacation) together because my computer will barely let m get through the editing process without shutting itself off ūüė¶

That being said… Friday we came home from our vacation, and it’s all feeling a little surreal.

On our last full day in the city we used our Seattle City Passes (really the only way to be a good tourist in Seattle) to head to the top of the Space Needle, spend time in the EMP museum (complete with star wars exhibit), and the Chihuly Glass Gardens. It was a full day, and because of all of the problems with my computer I wasn’t able to put a post together for all of it, so here are the pictures:

We began our day at a little Cafe across the street from the Space Needle, it was called Cafe Bee and was a quaint little shop in the heart of the city run by an elderly couple who was celebrating their 46th anniversary! It’s definitely a must if you’re ever in the area! From there we headed over to the Needle – since we went with the City Passes we were able to go up to the top two times – we opted for one morning and one night trip to see it in all of it’s splendor both ways. IMG_1409 IMG_1415 IMG_1398 IMG_1590IMG_1582

From there we headed to the EMP (the Experience Music Project) where we hung out for a few hours weaving our way between exhibits – complete with a Fantasy exhibit which housed three of the weapons from the Hobbit movies and the costumes of the heroes of the characters of The Princess Bride, a Horror exhibit which housed the stakes that Buffy used to slay vampires, a Pop music area which housed two of Macklemore’s Moon Awards, and a Seattle Seahawks 12th man exhibit which housed the conference notes of Coach Carroll and the stats of the players. But… possibly the best thing of all… the STAR WARS COSTUME EXHIBIT WAS THERE! From my understanding this is a traveling exhibit, largely based around the costumes of Padame. To say I geeked out would be a huge understatement… I packed my special Star Wars leggings just for the day – I have never been more proud of them… I was geeking out… hard.¬†IMG_1426 IMG_1456IMG_1461IMG_1423

I basically had to pry myself out of there… but we headed over to the Chihuly Glass Gardens afterward. It was one of the most interesting things that I have ever seen. The entire premise is a display of Chihuly’s work, and that meant that we toured through galleries which were homes to glass gardens and glass structures which we phantasmal and surreal.¬†IMG_1551IMG_1478IMG_1499 IMG_1473

And then, to end the day we grabbed dinner at Seattle’s “Snappy Dragon” (which was excellent) and caught one of the last elevators back up to the top of the Needle. It’s a beautiful thing to see the city at night, there are so many different colors of yellow and grey that it takes your breath away. Despite the bite in the air from the cold, it was so wonderful to stand on top of the world – even if our time was limited by the closing of the Needle.¬†By the time that we made it back to the hotel we were falling into our beds.

In the morning (our last morning in the city) we headed back to the Market for the last time and made it into the original Starbucks before it was packed full of people. We were actually able to order drinks, and for the first time in a while I actually enjoyed my Starbucks beverage – it was smooth and not burnt, and altogether super yummy. Which was equally shocking and exciting for me. We found some gluten free goodies in the Market that I could eat, and said our goodbyes to the city.

We headed out to see the Troll and the Locks on our way out of town, and then we hit the highway.

The drive wasn’t bad, Mom drove the entire way instead of me, and I got through a decent amount of¬†Wild¬†which I’ve been working on since Winter break – college does not lend itself well to “fun” reading.

By the time we got home we were falling into our own beds. I headed back to P-Town the next morning.

Some Seattle Observations

I always think that I would like to live in a city until I actually visit one. In theory it sounds wonderful to be at the heart of such a diverse mix of cultures and customs, but in practicality being in the city feels like you are constantly swimming upstream.¬†Seattle itself is a beautiful place, but it is so condensed, it feels like you’re trapped inside the walls of a snow globe.

Bigger than that, though – cities break my heart.¬†They are the hub of culture, but it’s been my experience that they are also the hub of heartbreak. I’m constantly surprised by the vast amount of hurting in places as big as these. There are so many people without homes, and even more who are struggling to keep theirs. As we walked through the streets and were approached by members of the homeless community, my heart cracked a little more each time, by the time that we left I was utterly exhausted.

I feel so helpless, and small. In cities as big as Seattle it’s easy to get lost, and I wonder how many helpless people get lost in the daily shuffle. How many hopeless people are ignored? There’s a certain weight to the culture of the city – to approach one, you must first understand what you are throwing yourself into – a melting pot of heart break.

That being said, it’s not like Seattle is just a dreary little city where everyone is snarling and crying all the time. It was actually really really beautiful. Waking up to see the ¬†sound to the west was a luxury that I will never forget, not to mention the buildings themselves aren’t too hard on the eyes. The people in this city clean up well – there is certainly a distinct Northwestern style, and Seattle perfectly embraces it. I basked in the scent of coffee wafting from countless cafes, Coffee Shops, and Espresso Bars – and I already miss it. It was the coffee mecca that I have been waiting to experience.

Altogether, there were so many beautiful sights and experiences that I’m sure I’ll be processing for a while, but I am so overwhelmingly glad that I got the opportunity to experience it all with my family at my side.

It was a beautiful trip, and I can’t imagine a better way to have spent my Spring Break.


Thus ends #BottsTakeSeattle15.

Until the next adventure, wonder on!

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