Botts Take Seattle: Day Two

Day two in Sunny Seattle (which has actually been a relatively true thing – praise the Lord). We began our morning at a small coffee bar tucked in the lowest story of one of the local apartment complexes where I ordered a classic cappuccino, which was as potent as it sounds, and a gluten free goodie, which to my surprise was absolutely phenomenal! IMG_0944

From there we headed down to the Public Market. It wasn’t as crowded as I assume it is on weekends, but nonetheless, even during the weekday, it was packed full of people and vendors. There was a huge array of products and produce, and there were so many different colors and things to look at it was dizzying. The sheer volume of it all reminded me of the markets that I got to stop by in Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

In a lot of ways this city feels foreign. The sites and smells of the market put me right back in Ecuador where I wove my way between aisles of raw fish and flowers amidst a population unafraid to make themselves known. I felt a weird sense of nostalgia weaving through the tables full of goods, it feels like I’m being thrown back in time while all the while being pushed forward in light of the skyscrapers surrounding me.

Across from the market is the original Starbucks, which I snapped a picture by but didn’t stick around to order a drink since it is always packed with a line that wraps around the block. I just wanted to prove my allegiance to coffee by standing within a couple feet from it 😉

IMG_0957 IMG_1012 IMG_1031 IMG_1049 IMG_1053

From the market we headed to the pier to chow down on some of the goodies that we bought from one of the vendors and then headed over to the aquarium. The fish were giving me their sassiest poses (complete with their angry little faces), and Mom was squealing like a child being around all of it – who knew sea life could turn a mother into a child (in the best way possible)?

IMG_1086 IMG_1093

We decided to buy city passes which allow us to get into a variety of attractions while we’re here in Seattle – the aquarium being one and the Harbor Cruise another. We stopped for some ice cream before boarding the Harbor cruise which we toured us around via the water for about an hour, pointing out all the sights and sounds of Seattle from the farther vantage point. It was beautiful – cold, but beautiful.

We grabbed dinner at the Crab Pot after the cruise – that in itself was an interesting experience. They pour out all of the seafood that you order right onto the table in front of you. Needless to say, bibs were a necessity.

We ended our day there since I got sick (major bummer), and headed back to the hotel. Despite that though, I would say that day two was a massive success. Who knew you could pack so much into one day?

The more time that I spend in this city the more I fall in love with it!

IMG_1169 IMG_1183 IMG_1102IMG_1197 IMG_1212 IMG_1231

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