Botts Take Seattle: Day One

I’ve only ever seen the east side of the glorious state of Washington. I guess, because of that, I had a picture of Seattle that was something like the city in the Meg Ryan movie Sleepless in Seattle. I was picturing a more water based existence, a chiller version of LA I suppose.

I can tell you this is something entirely different than I imagined.

And I kind of love it.

It took us about four and half hours to get to the city from the east side, but the drive was a lovely thing. Everyone was telling us that Monday was going to be nothing but rainy and grey, but we were greeted with blue skies and bright white clouds which made the drive nothing short of  breathtaking.

Having never been this deep into the state I wasn’t sure what it would all look like, I suppose I sort of imagined there to be endless amounts of evergreens and snowy mountains. I was surprised to find that the landscape echoed my Arizona home more than my imagined image of Washington, except this has more water than Arizona ever even dreamed of.

About halfway through the drive we stopped at one of the look outs and snapped a few shots (and grabbed some footage for the vlog series – commence the squealing).  Mom wasn’t a huge fan of our practicing our acrobatics on the ledge above the Columbia, but alas! We’ve survived to adventure another day! IMG_1169IMG_1173IMG_0848IMG_0858

After so many hours on the road we were excited to finally make it to the hotel where we dumped all of our stuff and then headed out into the city to explore. Since it was getting later in the evening, most things were closing (why do city shops here close at five? that makes no sense), and others were unbelievably crowded. We found  our way down to Pike’s Place Market, but everyone had closed shop, so we moseyed out to the edge of the pier to enjoy the vision of the water.


Having spent my early years in LA area, that is the city that I am used to – the massive buildings, angry faces, and urban landscape which goes on forever. Instead of a never ending urbanscape the city of Seattle feels like it was condensed to fit inside a snow-globe and it drops right into the water, piers adorning the edge of the city. In LA the city felt like it would never end, but here the edge of the city is a certainty as the water can be seen through the breaks in the buildings. All of the streets lead down to the water, everything here feels centered around it.

The cityscape from the pier.
I get really excited by the water… obviously

I feel like no mater where I cast my eyes I’m always missing something – there are so many shops and people and buildings and attractions – everywhere you look there are ten thousand things to see. It’s overwhelming and exciting all at once.

Having been removed from the city for so many years, it is interesting to experience it all again. I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about the amount of traffic.

IMG_0879We wandered the streets for some time, looking for food and a cheap place to buy sunglasses for me – eventually we settled for the “Falafel King” which is a little shop tucked between some of the bigger stores in the alley off of Pike’s Place. It’s basically a hole in the wall, but it had the best food that I have eaten in ages – oh and did I mention it’s across the street from Showgirls? It was an interesting experience, but the food was outstanding.

By the time we had all eaten it was dark and we found ourselves back by the market on our way back to our hotel. I bought some glasses from the Forever 21 (which is the biggest one I have ever seen!) and from there we found our way back home.

IMG_0936After hours of driving and exploring, I couldn’t be more excited to spend my spring break here with my family. Here’s to the adventures!

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