Surprise! A Birthday Celebration for Housteeze

Recently one of my good friends had his 24th birthday. A few days before it came about we were at the store, coincidentally in the cake isle, when I asked him what his favorite cake was and he let slip (after answering red velvet) that he hadn’t had a real birthday party…like ever… and a surprise birthday party was never even a part of his cognitive process.

So, of course we had to throw him one!

Earlier this year one of my best friends threw me an incredible party for my birthday – complete with Tangled themed decorations and a delicious gluten free homemade breakfast shared with my family and friends. It was entirely incredible, and such a massive blessing, and I couldn’t help but think of all the fun we could have with this. So we started scheming.

I wanted to make sure that everything was super cheesy and stereotypically birthday-party-y, so we set about to create a birthday party reminiscent of our childhood – complete with streamers and a “birthday boy” button. And it was great.

It was so fun to have our friends in one place, eating under-cooked cupcakes, improvising lighters (because you can’t have a flame in the residence halls) with phone apps,  and acting out the game of charades. This is what college is about I think – not the 2am drunken walks home or the mornings full of regret – but this, nights spent in the company of friends to the tune of a celebration of life.

Houston had no idea, and he was happy with the surprise. I guess now he can check surprise birthday party off his list.

closeup  ana-cupcake g&megrouphouston-cardhouston-candles


(A blurry one that I wish wasn’t blurry – haha.)

To Houston –

Happy Happy birthday, you are a great man – and now an old one – and I hope that your birthday was absolutely superb. I look forward to the adventures that lie ahead for us, and I hope that this birthday has filled your heart with memories that will last the years to come.

You are so dear to my heart, and I am so glad we got to celebrate you! May your 24th year be filled with even more magical memories.

houston bw

P.S. Here’s a super sweet post that Houston wrote about the event, enjoy: “The Heart”

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