The Moments We Live For.

4cougs anaandmegarrett and ana

Being part of my new church’s media team gives me a lot of opportunities to do a lot of cool things – all with the kind of access of a press pass, so bonus! Earlier today I got a text message inviting me out to shoot some footage for the church -something along the lines of putting together an intro video – I was told a big group of people was heading down to the river to hang out around a campfire and light off Roman candles. It was a sight to behold. And when I wasn’t tripping over the rocky slopes I was certainly trying to “behold” it.

We were out in what felt like the middle of nowhere. A patch of cliffs situated around the river hundreds of feet above the water. Atop the hill was a fire and welcoming smiles. The fog of the day receded for the time so it felt like looking out on forever. It was a vast reality. I stood on the outcropping of rocks and looked out on the blackness, the water swelling beneath me with a glassy black sigh, and just breathed. In the moment between requests and conversation, I thanked the Lord for his pursuit of my heart.

I’m constantly awestruck by the beauty of moments. And I was put face to face with that tonight, and in an oddly sentimental turn of events, this little outing was so much more than a trek through the hills in the dark.

This was the ignition of my Spring semester. This was a night surrounded by God fearing people who are genuinely living life in a fun and loving way. This was a night with some of my very best friends spent in laughter with an adventuring heart.

Despite the bitter cold of the Washington night air I was warm.

My heart is most alive in these moments – the spontaneous adventures, the moments of fellowship, the voiced declarations of love. My heart swoons at the recognition of God’s pursuit.


This is why we are alive. This is what life is about.


And their celebration.

5cougs(We did shoot some pretty rad footage, but I’m not sure when the video will be complete, I’ll try to find the link when it’s done!)

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