The New Rig

This Christmas I finally got my hands on my new baby – a Canon Rebel T3i, complete with some fancy bundle perks – including a tripod and two lenses. It’s pretty safe to say that I’m in love. I couldn’t wait to take it out, so I took some of my family for an adventure, and these are a couple select shots from the day. I’m so looking forward to seeing what this baby can do!

12-31-14.1 12-31-24.2

Our first stop was Gonzaga University’s St. Aloysius Cathedral where I snapped these quick shots. In the editing process I was enthralled by the vision of them in black and white (I’m a little partial to black and white photography).

12-31-14.3 12-31-14.4

In trying to light these prayer candles I also lit my finger on fire – I’d say a good three times. But it was worth it to grab these shots. Once they were lit, the candles were a vision of the serenity of the moment humbled before God to present my requests and praises to him.

12-31-14.5 12-31-14.6

Seeing as it was New Year’s Eve, I wanted to be sure to capture the festivities. These are two of my favorite shots because of the excitement oozing out of those in front of me. I love that you can see the fireworks show in the screen of the man in front of me, and I love all the upturned faces in the second. It was a brisk night, but the cold was made braille by the vision of the clocktower alive with colors to ring in the new year.


My brother has recently gotten into all things photography/videography based, so I let him take the reigns for a minute to grab these shots before I stole my new baby back from him. He’s getting pretty good, and he certainly knows his way around the camera.

I hope you enjoyed these little moments. I look forward to many more adventures with this piece of equipment!

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